Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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You have no reason to worry about the clinical performance of our professionals when you request for our services. We have carefully screened and put in place, systems ensuring the minimal years of experience in each specialty field to provide the same standard of care you expect at your facility. We do more than just worrying about years of experience. Our professionals excel because we require proficient Clinical Skills and Competencies in all areas.


All our CCU nurses have experience in Primary Care Nursing. We require 1 year of experience in CCU and ICU settings. Our nurses are skilled in operating and monitoring life support equipments. They continually enroll in review and advance courses to update their skills with the ever-changing technology in both critical and intensive care areas. Be Well Nursing Llc., requires Intensive Care Nurses to be certified in CPR, ACLS and recognize both basic and advance types of EKG. CCU nurses validate their specialty with certificate of completion and proper verification of adequate work experience.

We administer to our nurses EKG recognition test and other tests on life saving cardiac drugs with possible side effects. Our nurses are experienced in caring for the post open heart surgical patient with working knowledge of the various types of equipments used in this area. They also possess the ability to accept the challenge of charge nurse duties.


We ensure competency among our ER nurses in dealing with drug abuse patients, accident victims, as well as common emergency cases. They are certified in ACLS, CPR and MAB. They have the ability to start and maintain IV'S. Most have additional certification as Mobile Base ER and Pediatric ER. All ER nurses are required to have experience in level 1 trauma. Our nurses are aware of the need to update their skills through continuing education classes.


Our OB nurses have extensive years of experience in this area. Most of them are experienced in the L&D area as well as newborn nursery and postpartum. Some have keen interest in NICU and continuously update their knowledge by taking courses in this critical area. Most of our L&D nurses are trained midwives who are able to read and interpret Fetal Monitor Strips and all are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation. They can efficiently monitor the laboring patient, give IV pitcon and other IV medications used in OB. Many are able to scrub in surgery for emergency caesarians and have extensive experience in high risk L&D.


In this highly specialized area, our nurses are required to have a minimum of 1 year experience in level 2 NICU and are experienced in the care of severely underdeveloped infants in addition to complications brought about by maternal drug abuse and exposure to HIV.


Operating room nurses and surgical technicians are required to have 1 year experience to scrub and circulate. Most have extensive experience in open heart surgery. Some have participated in transplant teams at renowned medical centers across the nation.


All nurses are encouraged to have or to obtain Chemo-therapy certification or PICC line certification. As part of our policy, all nurses particularly in this specialized area are AIDS friendly and knowledgeable of the questions and concerns of patients and family members.


The required minimum years of experience in medical/surgical is 1 year. All our Medical/Surgical RN'S are comfortable in assuming leadership roles and charge nurse duties as a result of years of experience. They utilize their communication skills to take personal and telephone orders with acceptable follow through. Their experiences include planning, coordination, and implementation of complete nursing care. They can evaluate any given situation and recommend appropriate action. All of our Medical/Surgical nurses are familiar with the use and operation of various I.V. pumps and ventilators. Continuing Education classes are provided to all of our personnel throughout the year on an ongoing basis. Most of our professional staff enroll in pharmacology updates and are also, experienced in caring for the terminally ill. They all have thorough understanding of the psychological aspects of their individual specialties, making them come across professional in what they do.


Our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are highly specialized members of our professional team. Specialties include mental health, OB/GYN, and geriatrics. Requirements include one year experience in specialty area, extreme pharmacology knowledge and ability to work with surprising physician or surgeon.


Our allied healthcare professionals include Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Respiratory Care Practitioners. Each of these disciplines have specialized skills, training, knowledge and judgment based on principles of psychological, biological, physical, and social sciences.
Minimum experience requirement is 1 year in acute care setting.